1. Go to Google My Maps
  2. Choose or create a map. Click here for a quick tutorial on how to create a ride.
  3. Press the 3-dot menu button, to the right of the map title, and choose Export to KML/KMZ
  4. Select the layer you want to ride (not Entire map), and check Export as KML instead of KMZ
  5. Press Download to get the KML file
  6. Come back to this page and upload the KML file with title you want
  7. In Explorer, look for your ride under Explore Rides->Created

If your ride skips ahead in Explorer, it may not overlap with Streetview at those locations. Make sure you choose Driving directions not biking or walking. Check by going to and select your ride from Menu->Your Places->Maps. Then click the person icon at bottom right of map to show Streetview coverage.

Upload Ride

Your ride will appear as "'s Location". Explorer will suggest that users switch to City mode for Locations ending with "City Ride". If our profanity filter flags your non-profane Location, please email and we'll make it okay.